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Business Principles


The success of our company can be attributed to consistently making the customer excited about our products and our ability to transform ideas into finished projects.

Research and Development

At Candlelight Systems, we have developed an ever-changing base of products and services to enlighten our customers. We have business relationships with our manufacturers that allow for expansion and promotion of their new products.

Diversity/Business Strengths

This one area alone is responsible for our strong financial base and our ability to be "forward looking" with regards to improved sales and service. Diversification comes multifold. Candlelight Systems develops and sells ideas, technical expertise, engineering, exceptional products, professional installation and aftermarket and manufacturer certified service. Due to our strong market presence, we are able to position ourselves for sales directly to wholesalers, jobbers, facility managers, audio visual experts, architects, builders, designers, and their clientele.


At Candlelight Systems we have formulated a different approach to competition than most companies. With our great diversity and field experience, we encourage industry growth as well as a company growth. We are active participants in the Drapery Manufacturers Association and as a Lutron Diamond Dealer, we are on the Industry Standards Advisory Committee for Lutron. We share our successes and encourage others to follow our lead. We do not get involved in the price war of products. By selling our technical expertise, ideas, service and experience, we have been able to provide a fair price for their design experience.


We use various manufacturers to make many of our products. Each company offers the customer their own limited warranty. It is our corporate view that our customers need a central contact point for any product concern whether covered by a warranty or not. We encourage their first contact to be a call to Candlelight Systems. We work with our own experts and the manufacturer representative to quickly and efficiently handle the problem. We also have the option for our customers to engage in a long-term labor warranty that will help to continue customer service from our company.