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Motorized Skylight Shades

Tensioned Shades

Tensioned shades provide solutions for skylights and angled windows. The innovative design from Lutron keeps fabric panels taut and parallel to windows with minimal sag at a variety of slopes. Lutron tensioned shades reduce light gaps around fabric, and maximize the view when opened by eliminating cable guides that are typical in skylight shades. The frame may be surface mounted, inside mounted, or recessed into a pocket while still allowing easy access to update the fabric.

Tensioned Shades

Mounting Options

Lutron tensioned shades can be installed with surface, inside, or recessed mounts.

*Surface mount recommended for skylight applications only

Frame Specifications

System is concealed within its frame. Frame thickness and depth are standard regardless of system size. Pre-assembled shipping available**. Available in white and anodized aluminum.

** Shade sizes up to 30 ft2 (2.8 m2)

Angles of Installations

Lutron tensioned shades allow for flexible installation at any angle between -135º and 135º with consistent aesthetic results. Shade can close from top to bottom, or from the bottom up, with fabric unrolling closest to the window.

System Parameters

System contains frame and shade.

Minimum system size:
2 ft w x 3 ft l (610 mm x 914 mm)

Maximum system size:
8 ft w x 12 ft l (2438 mm x 3658 mm)

Frame thickness:
Drive side: 4.65 in (118 mm)
Non-drive sides: 2.25 in (57 mm)

Note: Tensioned shade dimension limitations are a function of fabric selection and application angle.

Drive Options

roller 100 ™

Tensioned shades utilize a roller 100 electronic drive unit. Tensioned shade dimension limitations are a function of fabric selection and application angle.

Tube size: 2.56 in diameter
Pocket size: 4.75 in w x 5 in h
Typical maximum size of fabric*: 100 ft2

Mounting options
Minimum bracket-to-bracket width: 24 in
Maximum bracket-to-bracket width*: 10 ft

Cable Guided Shades

Cable guided shade systems can be used to achieve precise shading control in angled applications by keeping roller shades at the exact angle of the window. The system is also useful in areas of high velocity airflow to prevent unwanted shade motion.


  • Allows for angles up to 20° (positive and negative)
  • Compatible with all Lutron roller shades
  • Weighted bottom bar for reduced sag is standard


  • Available with architectural or oval styled bottom bars
  • Maximum shade height of 20 ft (6,096 mm)