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Hyperion Solar Adaptive Shading

Hyperion solar-adaptive shading is ideal for office, education, healthcare, hospitality and other buildings. It automatically adjusts window shades based on the sun's position throughout the day to effectively manage the daylight in your building, reduce glare, and save energy.

The system operator inputs the desired sunlight penetration distance into the building and the number of shade preset positions. Then, Hyperion solar-adaptive shading automatically calculates the angle of the sun and adjusts the shades to maintain the preferred light penetration.

At night the shades are lowered to minimize light pollution and provide a uniform appearance with precision alignment. The system also provides the ability for the user to manually override and adjust the shades to a custom level.

Candlelight Systems can help you create a flexible working space while helping to save money and save the environment through Hyperion solar-adaptive shading.